Frequently Asked Questions

What We Offer?

FxTrends offers Daily Premium Forex Signals in order to help traders start making the most out of forex trading and earn a consistent profit. Our mission is to help every trader to become long term profitable without having to worry about it.

How To Make Money Like Professional Trader?

Forex can be a very quick way to become rich only if you have the skill. This skill takes years to build. People who are in the markets for years understand the ever changing market demands and act accordingly. One way to is to learn to trade like the professional traders. Another easier way is to take the exact same calls as the professionals and make money together. This is exactly what we offer in our signal service where all the signals are given by our professional traders.

How Do You Provide The Signals?

We analyse the market and provide you precise details of the Entry price, and Take Profit in our Telegram Channel. We provide money management advise to the VIP members which means we tell them which lot size to use. We update the members when to close a trade and lock profits.

What Is The Minimum Amount To Open a Trading Acoount?

It depends on the trading platform (the broker) that you choose. Each broker decides on a minimum deposit (usually between 50 to 100 US dollars). There are platforms that let you open a $25 account to start trading Forex. Also, most brokers offer up to thousands of dollars bonuses for first-time deposits.

How Much Money Can I Make Trading Forex?

There is no limit. There is enough for everyone to make a fortune, but remember the market can go against you as well. You can lose your money in just a few minutes if you are hasty and don’t take steps to reduce risks.

Can I Join Your Signal Service If I Am a Newbie?

Yes absolutely. All you need to have is your trading platform app (MetaTrader 4 recommended), some basics about forex and know how to place orders. All of these you can learn very easily from the internet or we can teach you.

How Big Is The Drawdown?

This is a very relative concept and depends primarily on the risk you are taking in a deal. There are conservative traders who risk less than 1% of their capital in each order, but there are those who risk half their capital. This is the reason why it is difficult to determine what the maximum drawdown is.

Why Are Your Prices So Low?

Other signal services know that most of their clients won't renew because of the low quality of their signals, this is the reason they need to charge such high prices. At FxTrends we know that most of our members will renew after their first month this is what allows us to charge so low prices.

Do You Offer Support?

Yes, we are the only signal service that offers full support to its members. Our members can ask any question they have about forex via our facebook page, Website or Telegram and one of our traders will respond.

What Happens After I Buy Your Service?

After you buy our service you will receive an email with the link to our Premium Telegram Channel and other instructions.

Can a Beginner Follow The Signals

We have many members who are new to Forex trading. When you sign up we will send you a detailed explanation and we are available to 24/7 to answer any of your questions.

At What Time Do You Send Your Signals?

Signals are sent throughout the day, we trade both the New York and London Sessions. We send a minimum of 3 signals a day

How does Auto Trading works?

Our Auto Trading software takes less than 5 minutes to set up all you need is a PC or VPS and Metatrader 4/5. After you set up our software all of our trades will be automatically opened in your account, if we close a trade it also closes in your account, you don't need to do anything after set up. NOTE: FxTrends will NEVER ask for your metatrader account or password.

Can I Change My Lot Size Using Auto Trading?

Yes, you can choose your lot size in auto trader.

Can I install the copy trader on a Macbook?

Unfortunately the copy trades is not supported on Macbook yet.

Is this a recurring payment?

Yes, charges will be made automatically so that your copying doesn't get interrupted. You can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

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