Easy Installation


   Step 1

Download the signal receiver from the link in our email


       Step 2

An account will be created for you in the Auto Trading software


Step 3

Step 4

Use credentials from received email to register the Receiver part

Choose your trading terminal and start receiving signals

Never Miss a Trade

With Automated trading we'll do all the trading for you. You just keep the profits.

It doesn't matter your timezone

Our Auto Trader software will copy all of our trades into you Metatrader account, it doesn't matter where you are in the world

Choose your own Lot size

Our auto trading software lets you choose your own lot size.


Our Auto Trader doesn't require your MT4 username or password and no one from FxTrends will ever ask for it.

Copy trader features


  • Allows first time traders to familiarise themselves with the financial markets and gain the confidence to trade

Analizando grafos

Expert Traders

FxTrends team of traders have over 10 years trading in the forex market and they will be making all of the trades for you.

Hombre de negocios confiado


  • Helps new traders to learn how to trade, by watching the actions of other, sometimes more experienced traders.

reunión de negocios


Taking advantage of this trading strategy can be highly lucrative. In fact, many social traders, new and experienced, have had the opportunity to gain direct access to the top traders on the platform and have increased their trading success significantly.

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